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How Many of These Questions Will You Answer Yes?
Do you dream of traveling for longer than two weeks a year…

Or spending more time with your family….

Have you ever thought what life would be like if you had more free time...

Are you constantly thinking of ways to leave your 9-5 lifestyle…

If you are anything like me, the answer is a resounding YES!!!
I was living the hamster wheel life ( work, eat, sleep, repeat ), wondering how to get off. 

Then I learned about Trading…. it was like the clouds parted, I had a way out!

Cue the hunt for knowledge….

When I first looked into trading, the process felt overwhelming. I searched endlessly for information, read countless books and finance magazines. I even went so far as to pay a ‘coach’ a crazy amount of money to teach me. Even then, I had limited access to my coach, and my success felt like it was dependant on a never ending ladder of upsells.

What I found in my quest was this;
  • Everyone is selling the dream
  • As in the fancy cars, mansions, babes and boats, stacks of Instagram cash in said car, and expensive watches. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a watch guy myself, but I was not connecting.... What I wanted most was FREEDOM!
  • Full of “filler”
  • ​All the programs I had taken are full of “filler”. Meaning, a topic that should have been 15 mins to cover, took nearly an hour. I DON’T LIKE WASTING TIME!
  • Dependance on the coach, or alerts
  • This meant that even after spending thousands of dollars on training, I was not self-sufficient and would still need to buy more training or subscribe to their tips or alerts. IF I NEED YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL I AM NOT FREE!
Rather than lose my enthusiasm, these challenges motivated me to work tirelessly, studying technical analysis, and backtesting my results until I developed a seriously reliable strategy. Once I began to trade full-time and finally got the freedom I was looking for, I knew there had to be an easier way for people to learn. 

That is the EXACT reason why the first course we developed at J. Lewis Trading was Trading 101! 

This 2-hour course promises to deliver a clear, concise explanation of Technical Analysis, and how to use Technical Analysis to read Charts without all the filler and flash.You will be left with ACTUAL tools that you can implement today!

So if you are thinking about retirement, creating a second source of income, or fully supplementing your current income, or simply looking for more free time and you want trading to be that vehicle… Start here with this incredible limited time offer and watch Trading 101 for FREE! (Usually only available through our MasterClass or Mentoring Programs.)

Here Is What Our Student Say!
"To Julian and those who might be inquiring, I have been in contact with Julian for over one year now, and from the start he has provided me with precious guidance along with an objective assessment on the different paths opened to traders that want to be successful into trading the S&P market. Julian has used terms and concepts that I could understand, count on and put into practice. What has impressed me above all, is the follow up on my progress and the genuine interest he has shown in my success while keeping me motivated and upbeat in trading the volatile S&P market. He has assisted me in pinpointing areas that I could improve upon by offering supporting strategies. I am not yet where I want to be in trading, but I am on my way, and grateful that I could count on Julian’s patience and the sound advice provided during our continuous strategy meeting. I consider him my trading guardian angel.”
- Norm Rochon
Toronto, Ontario

"Hey Julian, just wanted to thank you again for the flags and head/shoulder courses. Both of the courses were great and you did a good job of explaining and breaking down identification of the patterns with price action and risk management of both patterns. Your mentorship has help me out a lot and I really appreciate it bro."
Jack Allen
Alabama, USA

“Julian has been an investing coach like no other, extraordinary in kindness, patience and resolve to make his clients successive. As a firefighter who was forced to retire from my duties by an on-duty injury, I needed a supportive mentor to help me to remain financially intact and able to enjoy life with my early departure from my personal tragedy, a fire engine accident resulting in a brain/ head injury. Julian befriended me more and more with his phone and internet calls with inept trading strategy and skills. He teaches a method that expresses your trade to an advantage to a manipulated market with a skill set unimpeded by fear or tentativeness. He cares for his client like family and over-achieves like a true professional educator. His skill is complimented by a highly ethical business person who helps heartfelt with every call. I’d say he's a modern day Jessie Livermore but with technology and a capital conservation platform as his basis. Instead of learning hard knocks, Julian brings delight to the market and trading education to a bright spot of my life!”
Ken Schnider
Arizona, USA
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